iPas (Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems) Review

ipas 2 review

iPas which stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems, is the latest product launch by Success Copilot founders Chris Jones and Chris Campbell. The merchandise or business education suite is set to file for in November 2010. Campbell and Jones understand the massive failure rate on the web and allow us a system to interest people of all ages and levels of experience. This system is broken down into 4 core components.

ipas 2 review

Products and Presentation: iPas supplies a type of items that are in high demand. The products range between ebooks to downloadable software. As well as the products, members could have access to the professional presentation materials ranging from websites to auto responders.

Marketing Funnel: This refers someone’s experience when they view your webpage all the way to the stage where they either buy the products or unsubscribe out of your list. Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems will assist you in performing your personal marketing or they will do it to suit your needs.

Sales System: The sales product is like the marketing funnel but particularly brought via a group of steps to turn into a buyer. During this phase the marketer must build trust using their potential future team member through conversation or emails. Prospects will receive over 40 exposures to the system during this period along with giveaway promotions and live webinars.

Closing System: After all, just about everyone sucks at and hates sales. It is the scariest element of the planet for most of us. iPas takes care of sales for its members with a professional sales force handling all inbound and outbound calls.

Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems seems to be a great system which will supply the support and education a lot of need when relocating to the internet. While any home-based business has their success based on traffic, this can be exactly the same. Marketing efforts equals more visitors, more visitors equals more prospective customers plus more potential customers equals more sales.